Armi Millare UK

Armi Millare is a singer/songwriter from electronic-rock band Up Dharma Down or UDD as they are called by their devoted fan base in Asia.

Since 2004, she has released three albums with her band and toured extensively around the world (including Asia, the Middle East and Canada). The BBC tagged them as the "Asian band to most likely to cross over North American shores" while Time Magazine has called the band's music “genre-defying” as well as “both thoughtful and sensual."

For this leg of Startup, she continues the series of performances she began in Berlin this year. Conceived as a return to her fundamental practice as a songwriter and performing musician, she plays music from the past 13 years of her career, new compositions that she has yet to record as well as a couple of covers to pay tribute to the city she's playing in.

According to Millare, she is both "retracing steps as well as exploring new ground" where an intimate setting in a city she's exploring provides a way of communicating a sense of her home while communing with the culture she finds herself in.

"It's pretty simple really," she says. "Give me a piano and a microphone and I'll sing my heart out. And hopefully I'll hear more than an echo back."

Erwin Romulo, Fleet Studios